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Jameson Little 5bdc55ed37 Removed require-kiss dependency in favor of pakmanager 2011-10-28 18:04:25 -06:00
Jameson Little f28fe10f6b Merge pull request #8 from jergason/patch-2
Fix bugs with this identifier and out array expansion
2011-10-28 13:48:29 -07:00
Jamison Dance c1a69341d3 Missing another this on out, and the bounds checking was totally borked.
Bounds checking bug was preventing the size of the out array from being expanded more than once.
2011-10-28 12:54:18 -06:00
Jameson Little fb15e86c44 Merge pull request #7 from jergason/patch-1
Fix bug in tar.js caused by missing `this` on a variable.
2011-10-24 10:06:52 -07:00
Jamison Dance 7f450b58e1 Fix bug in tar.js caused by missing this on a variable. 2011-10-22 01:12:59 -06:00
Jameson Little 4763e4c2c3 Example now uses built-in btoa instead of custom base64 encoding 2011-07-31 20:09:56 -06:00
Jameson Little 84f5e0b4df Fixed bug when appending a file whose size is a multiple of 512 bytes 2011-07-31 20:08:42 -06:00
Jameson Little 9c089cfa67 Merge branch 'master' of 2011-06-09 09:38:28 -06:00
Jameson Little 6c93bc1258 Added dependency to repository 2011-06-09 09:36:33 -06:00
Jameson Little 6ca138af79 Fixed README to work with package name. 2011-06-04 14:05:26 -07:00
Jameson Little 690bca781f Example works 2011-06-04 13:58:10 -06:00