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Manual installation

  • Create user sshca:

    useradd --system --no-user-group --shell /bin/sh --create-home --home-dir /srv/sshca sshca
  • Create directories:

    install -o sshca -m 0700 -d ~sshca/bin ~sshca/.local ~sshca/.local/sshca ~sshca/.local/sshca/pubs
  • Copy ssh-ca script:

    install -o sshca -m 0700 -t ~sshca/bin ssh-ca
  • Create authorized_keys:

    touch emptyfile
    install -o sshca -m 0700 emptyfile ~sshca/.ssh/authorized_keys
    rm emptyfile
  • Create serial-file:

    echo 0 > serial
    install -o sshca -m 0600 serial ~sshca/.local/sshca
    rm serial
  • Create CA (no password):

    ssh-keygen -t ed25519 -C "CA" -N '' -f ~sshca/.local/sshca/ca