SMQL is a JSON-based query langauage similar to MQL. This gem convertes these querys to ActiveRecord.
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Similar to MQL: SMQL allows to perform queries on your database but in a JSON-based language.

This query language is SQL-injection-safe. However, expensive queries can slow down your machine.


Example: An easy query in ruby: User is a ActiveRecord-Model and has a column username. We want to find all users where username = "auser".

require 'smql'

SmqlToAR.to_ar User, '{"username": "auser"}' # Query in JSON
SmqlToAR.to_ar User, username: "auser"       # Query in Ruby

In Rails:

SmqlToAR.to_ar User, params[:smql]

Don't forget to add my gem to the Gemfile:

gem 'smql'