ruby on rails webmail client
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Dependency Status


MailR is a IMAP mail client based on Ruby on Rails platform.

NOTE All path and filenames are based on Rails.root directory.


In Rails 3 and above all dependencies should be defined in file Gemfile. All needed gems can be installed using bundler.

Installation procedure

  • Checkout the source code.
  • Install all dependiences. Check if proper gems (sqlite3/mysql/postgresql) are defined in Gemfile and installed. Use bundler for that:
bundle install
  • Check config/settings.yml for proper values. (see config/settings.yml.example).
  • Prepare config/database.yml file (see config/database.yml.example).
  • Migrate database (rake db:migrate)
  • Start rails server if applicable
  • Point your browser to application URL: For local access: http://localhost:3000 For remote access: http://some_url/mailr
  • Using browser do basic setup. If You make a mistake delete all data from DB using rake task:
rake db:clear_data
  • Use it.

Specific configuration