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Michael Noack dc82528e8b Plugins shouldn't load the environment as this creates circular dependencies. 14 years ago
Adam Davies 7484b6da27 Added README 14 years ago
Adam Davies a863e01546 Minor vertical spacing 15 years ago
Adam Davies 46802f5085 Regenerated routes-min.js with new '_path' postfix to routes 15 years ago
Adam Davies 984317e4fc Simplified logic & added comments to main routes.rb generator, and removed compression
Kept compression of route list, but removed compression of route names.  This compression was working by finding words > 5 chars, and encoding them in #{}, then decoding upon load in browser.  Since the difference wasn't really great, and caused extra work for browser, I took it out.
15 years ago
Adam Davies 0e4f9ab13b Removed auto-generate on boot, as routes don't seem to load at time of init
Add this code to environment.rb at bottom (after all other things are loaded):

# Generate routes now...
JavascriptRoutes.generate(:lite => ENV['ROUTES_JS_LITE'])
15 years ago
Adam Davies 3c50f3c5ce Added '_path' to routes so you say Routes.bookings_path() instead of Routes.booking() 15 years ago
Tore Darell ab7f7f1b53 That was totally the wrong repository
This reverts commit 9172de8d8e.
15 years ago
toretore 9172de8d8e Added deprecation message. 15 years ago
Tore Darell 2ea0ee5b85 Initial commit 16 years ago