A collection of Ruby methods to deal with statutory and other holidays. You deserve a holiday!
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= Ruby Holidays Gem

A set of functions to deal with holidays in Ruby.

Extends Ruby's built-in Date class and supports custom holiday definition lists.

=== Installation

To install the gem from RubyGems:

gem install holidays

=== Examples

For more information, see the notes at the top of the Holidays module.

==== Using the Holidays class
Get all holidays on April 25, 2008 in Australia.
date = Date.civil(2008,4,25)

Holidays.on(date, :au)
=> [{:name => 'ANZAC Day',...}]

Get holidays that are observed on July 2, 2007 in British Columbia, Canada.
date = Date.civil(2007,7,2)

Holidays.on(date, :ca_bc, :observed)
=> [{:name => 'Canada Day',...}]

Get all holidays in July, 2008 in Canada and the US.
from = Date.civil(2008,7,1)
to = Date.civil(2008,7,31)

Holidays.between(from, to, :ca, :us)
=> [{:name => 'Canada Day',...}
{:name => 'Independence Day',...}]

Get informal holidays in February.
from = Date.civil(2008,2,1)
to = Date.civil(2008,2,15)

Holidays.between(from, to)
=> [{:name => 'Valentine\'s Day',...}]

==== Extending Ruby's Date class
Check which holidays occur in Iceland on January 1, 2008.
d = Date.civil(2008,7,1)

=> [{:name => 'Nýársdagur'}...]

Lookup Canada Day in different regions.
d = Date.civil(2008,7,1)

d.holiday?(:ca) # Canada
=> true

d.holiday?(:ca_bc) # British Columbia, Canada
=> true

d.holiday?(:fr) # France
=> false

=== Credits and code

* Source: https://github.com/alexdunae/holidays
* Docs: http://rdoc.info/github/alexdunae/holidays/master/frames
* Contributors: https://github.com/alexdunae/holidays/contributors

Started by Alex Dunae (dunae.ca, e-mail 'code' at the same domain), 2007-11.

Made on Vancouver Island.