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Role Name

A brief description of the role goes here.


Any pre-requisites that may not be covered by Ansible itself or the role should be mentioned here. For instance, if the role uses the EC2 module, it may be a good idea to mention in this section that the boto package is required.

Role Variables


Name for your CA - will be stored as comment. If CA already exists, it will not be changed. Mandatory.


User for CA. Must match with ssh_cert-role. Default: sshca


Default: /var/lib/sshca


Where to store the certs and CA. Must match with ssh_cert-role. Default: ~/.ssh-ca Do not change!


Forces to regenerate the CA. The old will be deleted!*


Use ssh-cert to use ssh-ca-server for re-/newal hosts and users certificates.

Example Playbook

example playbook
- name: SSH-CA
  hosts: ssh_ca_server
	- role: ssh-ca



Author Information