Console-tool for creating ssl-key/-csr(/-crt) and -pem.
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# vi:set filetype=makefile
NULL=0 exec make "CALL=$0" "EXE=`which $0`" -f "`which $0`" -- "$@"
BITS ?= 4096
EXE ?= sslmake
CALL ?= `which $(EXE)`
DEFAULTCFG ?= template.cfg
S ?= .
CERTTOOL ?= /usr/bin/certtool
GENKEY ?= $(CERTTOOL) --generate-privkey --disable-quick-random
GENREQ ?= $(CERTTOOL) --generate-request
GENCRT ?= $(CERTTOOL) --generate-certificate
GENDH ?= $(CERTTOOL) --generate-dh-params --disable-quick-random
all: help
--help -h: help
--renew -r: renew
--build -b: build
@echo -e "\
Creates SSL-keys and -certificate requests named %.key/%.csr (replace % by name)\n\
BITS=strength: for setting bit-strength (default $(BITS))\n\
--help -h: Display this help message.\n\
--renew -r: Renews %.csr for all %.key.\n\
--build -b: Builds %.csr and %.key for every %.cfg if doesn't exist.\n\
%.cfg: Copies template.cfg to %.cfg. Now you can edit %.cfg and go on.\n\
%.key: Creates %.key.\n\
%.csr: Creates %.csr and if doesn't exists %.key. Send this to your CA-Provider."
renew: $(patsubst %.key,,$(wildcard *.key))
build: $(patsubst %.cfg,%csr,$(wildcard *.cfg))
@echo "root.crt keeper"
@echo "root.crt keeper"
[ ! -e "$(*)" ] || mv --backup=numbered "$(*)" "$(*).`date +%Y-%m-%d`" %.del
$(CALL) "$*"
cp "$(DEFAULTCFG)" "$(@)"
$(GENKEY) --outfile "$(@)" --bits $(BITS)
umask 177 ; $(GENDH) --outfile "$(@)" --bits $(BITS)
%.csr: %.cfg %.key
$(GENREQ) --template "$(*).cfg" --load-privkey "$(*).key" --outfile "$(@)"
echo "# sslmake-gnutls request template." > $(@)
echo "honor_crq_extensions" >> $(@)
echo "expiration_days = 365" >> $(@)
%.crt: %.csr serial root.crt root.key .request.cfg
$(CERTTOOL) --crq-info --infile "$(*).csr"
@echo -n -e "\nOK? Key Usage and prupose allowed? Subject correct? [y/N] "
@read ok; [ "Xy" = "X$$ok" ] || exit 1
$(GENCRT) --load-request "$(*).csr" --load-ca-privkey root.key --load-ca-certificate root.crt --template .request.cfg --outfile "$(@)"
%.pem: %.crt %.key
umask 177 ; cat $(^) > "$(@).bk"
mv "$(@).bk" "$(@)"
.PHONY: all help build renew %.del
.PRECIOUS: %.csr %.key %.cfg %.pem