Console-tool for creating ssl-key/-csr(/-crt) and -pem.
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PREFIX ?= /usr/local
D ?= /
@echo Choose: If you prefer openssl, use install-openssl. If you prefer gnutls, use install-gnutls.
@echo If you use install, gnutls will be used.
@echo gnutls has an easier configfile-format (%.cfg) instead of the a little more complex openssl format (%.cnf).
install: install-gnutls
install --owner root --group root --mode 0755 -d $(D)/$(EPREFIX)
install-openssl: $(D)/$(EPREFIX)
install --owner root --group root --mode 0755 sslmake-openssl $(D)/$(EPREFIX)/sslmake
install-gnutls: $(D)/$(EPREFIX)
install --owner root --group root --mode 0755 sslmake-gnutls $(D)/$(EPREFIX)/sslmake