small minor warnings fixed (unused vars, ...). comments.

Denis Knauf 1 year ago
parent 28936187de
commit 3542837d7f
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@ -34,7 +34,7 @@ module TimeoutInterruptSingleton
# @return [nil]
def raise_if_sb_timed_out
return if self.timeouts.empty?
key, (at, bt, exception) = self.timeouts.min_by {|key,(at,bt,ex)| at }
_key, (at, bt, exception) = self.timeouts.min_by {|_key,(at,_bt,_ex)| at }
return if < at
raise exception, 'execution expired', bt
@ -49,7 +49,7 @@ module TimeoutInterruptSingleton
Signal.trap 'ALRM', &method( :alarm_trap)
key, (at, bt) = timeouts.min_by {|key,(at,bt)| at }
_key, (at, _bt) = timeouts.min_by {|_key,(at,_bt)| at }
FFI::LibC.alarm (at - + 1
@ -59,9 +59,9 @@ module TimeoutInterruptSingleton
# @param seconds [0] No timeout, so block can take any time.
# @param seconds [Integer] In `seconds` Seconds, it should raise a timeout, if not finished.
# @param seconds [nil] If also no block given, everything will be ignored and
# it will call {setup} for checking and preparing next known timeout.
# @param exception [Exception] which will be raised if timed out.
# @param seconds [nil] If this and no block given, it will call {setup} for checking and
# preparing _next_ known timeout.
# @param exception [exception] which exception will be raised if timed out?
# @param exception [nil] `TimeoutInterrupt::Error` will be used to raise.
# @param block [Proc] Will be called and should finish its work before it timed out.
# @param block [nil] Nothing will happen, instead it will return a Proc,
@ -70,7 +70,8 @@ module TimeoutInterruptSingleton
# Or if not, it will return a Proc, which will expect a Proc if called.
# This Proc has no arguments and will prepare a timeout, like if you had given a block.
# You can rescue `Timeout::Error`, instead `TimeoutInterrupt::Error`, it will work too.
# You can rescue `Timeout::Error`, instead `TimeoutInterrupt::Error`,
# it is a subclass of `Timeout::Error`.
# It will call your given block, which has `seconds` seconds to end.
# If you want to prepare a timeout, which should be used many times,