Increment deduplications of file extents. Replaces the dedupe_extent of duperemove.
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Replaces `duperemove`s dedupe-functionality.
It is an own program, which uses the database like `duperemove`.
While `duperemove` scans directories and builds database, this program only dedupes files extents.

The advantage is, duperemoverb allowes incremental/partial deduplications.
While duperemove deduplicates any files registered in database, you can give a path, which files to deduplicate.
Files outside this path will be ignored, but will be deduplicated, if it shares same digests like extends of file inside this path.

Partial deduplication

* /a/1 has two extents: 0x12, 0x54
* /b/1 has two extents: 0x54, 0xa8
* /b/2 has two extents: 0x90, 0xa8

If you call `duperemoverb dedupe /a`, `/b/1` and `/b/2` will be ignored, but the first extent of `/b/1` will be deduplicated with `/a/1` second extent.